Dear Radio maej kasheer Listener,

This is Radio maej kasheer being broadcast from jammu city j&k India. This is first kashmiri Radio Station available Internationally.

Radio maej kasheer is an initiative and platform to re-bind our displaced kashmiri pandit Community which is scattered across the world. With this initiative we would like to make our community aware about our kashmiri Music, Movies, Drama, Culture and Language. Radio maej kasheer is an effort to erase the geographical distances that exists between our Creative Artists and Audience.

We evaluated various possibilities of setting up Commercial FM tower, but considering our kashmiri pandit Community is not densely located in one particular region, we decided to take Internet approach. On june 2015 the idea of Radio maej kasheer materialized. Since then we have seen tremendous growth in the number of listeners and supporters.

People might get this mis-conception, while the world is moving to High Definition, 3D, On Demand and interactive content, we are going back to 100 year old technique of communication where one speaks and millions listen. Though our radio is one way broadcast, but we want our dear listeners to use this site and internet to have bi-directional communication.

We look forward for your continued support and suggestions.

We are committed to the values expressed by our mission, especially as they relate to issues involving the various ethnic groups living in our community, women, the economically disadvantaged or challenged, and other groups who may be disenfranchised in our society. We offer safe haven for expression by members of these groups, regardless of their social status, race, gender, or sexual orientation, and by our activities hope to promote peace, goodwill and a sense of community beyond the walls of this radio station.

the radio maej kasheer was my dream project but Struggle often feels like a lack of progress, so it’s nice to turn it on its head and realize that it’s actually the way progress is made. If you’re not struggling you’re probably not challenging yourself enough. The important part is not to let struggle deter you from making that progress. Step one is learning to view struggling as a positive thing, rather than a negative thing. Then you won’t be so hard on yourself if you find that you’re struggling again. It just means you’re learning, growing, and taking on enough to keep you busy.


The appelation, " RADIO MAEJ kasheer " chosen for our internet radio has been derived from the word " MAEJ kasheer ",which symbolizez humility,togetherness and utmost regard for our motherland. our displaced KP Community which is scattered across the world. With this initiative we would like to make our community aware about our kashmiri Music , Movies, Drama,talk shows etc etc. For children born in exile after migration, the erosion of cultural values has played a significant part. Not only the language, but also our cultural traditions have suffered unprecedented damage.

Through RADIO MAEJ kasheer, we aim at

  1. Exploring dormant talent, who, for some reason or the other could not get a proper pedstal and come to the forefront.
  2. Training our youth in fields of art like music, dance,playwrite,painting etc. depending upon their aptitude, and get them on air to express their views and feelings without any fear.
  3. Holding lessons and discussions on revival of Kashmiri language, with proper stress on diction, so that cultural renaissance could be attained which has lost it's pristine glory because of the modern trend, where English has become the most sought after medium of expression.
  4. Holding regular discussions on universal brotherhood, national integration and eradication of evils from the society in present scenario.
  5. Holding regular discussions on History of KASHMIR, so that our youth get to know their cultural moorings.
  6. Catering to our scattered community is not densely located in one particular region,we decided to take internet approach and ultimately launching a fullfledged F.M. Station on Akhnoor Road, Jammu, where we have already purchased 6 Kanals of land for the purpose.
  7. Maintaining quality through professional approach with acclaimed performing artists taking the centrestage on regular basis.
  8. RMK will struggle physically and spiritually in the way of unfolding our old rich culture national integration with today`s social reality.
  9. National and international peace movement will be RMK`S goal through pannel discussions, music programmes,drama,and other programmes.
  10. We will preach, advertise and convey modern devlopments of culture,music ,drama,languages and science programmes through RMK and develop close liason with theatre,radio artists,writers,actors,directors,poets,dancers,musicians,composers and technicians across the country for creating awareness among artists of our community.

Why we listen Radio maej kasheer

This is about your information that radio maej kasheer is a registered Trust. RMK is school for poor mass communication students and complete proffesional broadcasting.

Deciphering what the next generation of public radio listeners wants through Radio maej kasheer.

One of the luxuries of modern life is the ability to listen to just about anything you want, anytime, anywhere. And when you carry an infinite jukebox in your pocket or purse, the question becomes: What do I listen to?

In the world of public radio, figuring out what you’re in the mood for is not as simple as deciding between the new music or new drama etc etc.

This is the most challenging job for public radio, Radio MK is trying to meet. Through intuitive design, listener feedback, and dedicated testing, the team behind One hopes to build a next-generation audio experience for fans and newcomers to interact with public radio. And they’ve got a clear audience in mind for the modern radio People new to the public radio universe. A survey of users by experts found that 60 percent of the people listening to online radio are already public radio listeners.

Now that the app has been available to the public for 10 months,for beginning to get back useful data on how people use online radio One, providing information on how people listen, what they’re interested in, and how they make space for audio during their day.

“We have never been able on the radio before to have information about how the audience is actually listening to our stories,music, pannel discussions the Digital audio means you can apply the real-time measurements of the web to find out more about your listenership, rather than relying on surveys or any frequency .

What makes Radio MK unique is to help pull people into the Radio MK works more like a current in a river than a fork in the Listeners don’t have to start off by making choices; instead they’re guided into listening through live programmes like light and sound operas based on our great saints like lalded, earnimal, abinav gupt etc.etc.live music workshops for children and budding youths live theatre workshops for cultural awareness which jumps into more stories from there. Belive me this radio is entirely different from radio industry. We came with new radio ideology and I am Shure you will like it after going to air The ensuing mix is guided by the choices users make on what they like or skip. All those choices translate into signals of a listener’s intent: the amount of time they listen, the stories music, drama, or they skip, or they interact with us lively for their interesting to mark as Radio maej kasheer new modern radio for coming generations.